An official Arc icon theme has been released

You know about Arc GTK theme, don’t you? It’s one of the best GTK themes in my opinion. The creator of the theme, ~horst3180 released a new Arc icon theme recently. The icon theme perfectly fits the Arc GTK theme but unfortunately it doesn’t provide application icons, it needs another icon theme to inherit theme. By default it falls back to Moka icon theme (if installed). More information about it (and on how to change the fallback theme) can be read at the official GitHub page or Arc icon theme.

Arc icon theme


Installation via autotools:

git clone --depth 1 && cd arc-icon-theme
./ --prefix=/usr
sudo make install

Alternatively you may copy the Arc folder to ~/.icons or to /usr/share/icons for system-wide use.



sudo make uninstall

from the same directory as this README resides in, or

sudo rm -rf /usr/share/icons/Arc