Arc GTK theme available with OS X styled buttons

Arc is my favourite GTK theme. It has three official versions: a light one, a darker one and a dark one. Now a slightly modified version has been released with OS X styled window buttons. This version is not official, it’s totally independent from the original author. It is optimized for the Solus Desktop, but I tried it on my Gnome Shell and it work perfect to me (see screenshot below).





Download Arc GTK theme with OS X style buttons

  • Lorenzo Guerra

    this theme doesn’t work on my UbuntuMate 16.04… but there’s written that has to work… Somebody can help?

    • Calv

      I have the same problem with Mate on Arch. Did you end up fixing it?

  • Hubert

    Is that the default icon pack for gnome? I really like those icons…

  • Matthew

    Someone give me the icons on the second screenshot…