A beautiful Linux desktop made from various components

I just came across this beautiful Linux desktop and an interesting article about it. What’s interesting about it? Well, the author says he kept being asked about what Linux distribution he uses. It’s because none of the current distros looks like that, cause this desktop uses various different components from different projects. The base operating system is Arch Linux, it uses elementary OS’s window manager, Gala. The top panel is Budgie panel from the Solus project, the bottom dock is Plank.

It’s using the Arc GTK theme and the Numix Circle icon set. For more information about this desktop read the original article at Manuel Kehl’s website.

Linux Desktop

This desktop shows the power of Linux. You can intergrate everything from different projects into one. But it also draws attention that we desperately need a Linux distribution that looks kind of like that out of the box and just works. Which is fast, stable and have decent packages. Or do you think this distro already exists?