Antergos Package Assistant – Brand New App Center For Antergos Linux

Antergos is one of my favourite Linux distributions. It is based on the popular Arch Linux, it uses Arch repositories, but it has a user friendly graphical installer called Cnchi where you may for example select the desktop environment you want to install. At the moment it has a graphical application installer called Pamac which lets users install packages (even from AUR). I really like Pamac, but I understand that some people may miss a more appealing app center like the one in Ubuntu or Linux Mint.

Poodle, the Antergos Package Assistant
Poodle, the Antergos Package Assistant

The great news is that developers are working on a new app center they call Poodle (however that’s not the final name for it, it’s just a codename they use). It is going to be more app-centric than Pamac. The sad news is that there’s still a lot of developement to be done before they release it, but you can make it happen faster if you donate a few bucks to the developers.

Read the news about it for more information at Antergos’s official website.

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