Ubuntu 16.04 Beautiful Mockup

I really like this mockup. The author calls it Ubuntu 16.04 Stupendously Hot Charmander concept. It has really nice design elements, among others it shows taskbar apps, Unity dash, Terminal, web browser. Check them all out at Behance.net.



  • Looks good! I hope it will go this way 🙂

  • daletnyc

    WOW, this would be great and honestly would pull me away from Elementary!

  • Justin Webster

    Indeed would be great if they did this, feels like Mac OSX, Elementary OS, Android rolled into one.

  • jesus christ this is perfect….!

  • aggelalex

    This one is perfect!!!!

  • Aiden Patrick

    Needs to be an official theme. 🙂

  • 从daily build版本来看,还没有这个效果

  • Let’s hope unity 9’ll go that way.