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Make Cinnamon Look Like Windows XP – CinnXP Theme

Cinnamon is the desktop environment developed by the Linux Mint team. It’s evolving rapidly. I’m always amazed how fast they’re pushing out new features. Cinnamon is not only user friendly, but it’s also very easy to customize if you’re not satisfied with the default setup. Amongst extensions, applets, desklets it also supports theming. It has many great themes available and now there’s a new one which makes your desktop look like it was Windows XP. The quality of the theme is just awesome. If you want to help someone to switch from Windows XP to Linux, I’d highly recommend suggesting Cinnamon as the desktop environment and installing CinnXP theme on it.


CinnXP Cinnamon Theme


CinnXP Cinnamon Theme

CinnXP Cinnamon Theme

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    There’s a Royale varient now!