The Beautiful Arc GTK Theme Gets An Official Repository

Arc is a new GTK theme which looks amazing in my opinion. Many users were complaining about the complexity of installing the theme from source so the developer decided to add package repositories for Debian, Fedora, openSUSE and Ubuntu. The theme is also available from Arch Linux’s AUR.

Here you can find all package repositories: Arc Theme Repositories

Arc GTK Theme
Arc GTK Theme


To install Arc theme on Ubuntu / Linux Mint / elementary OS, run the following commands in Terminal:
sudo sh -c "echo 'deb /' >> /etc/apt/sources.list.d/arc-theme.list"
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install arc-theme

  • Carrol James

    Does it include the icons in the screenshot?


    • pappfer

      No, it’s not included. AFAIK it’s a modified version of Vertex icon theme:

      • Postadelmaga

        I have installed Vertex (+ Moka ) but the app icons are not the same … do you know what is the theme used for app ?

        • pappfer

          I don’t know, unfortunately. 🙁

          • Postadelmaga

            thx anyway dude 🙂

  • Malcolm Mersham

    Tried installing it on Linux Mint 17.1 … no errors … however doesnt appear in themes

    • pappfer

      I’m not sure why. 🙁 Unfortunately I couldn’t test the above method because I’m using Arch (with Cinnamon). It’s in Arch’s AUR, and it works for me fine.

  • Alfonso FernĂĄndez ArregocĂ©s

    Ok. I typed sudo apt-get install arc-theme. No what?

    • pappfer

      What distro do you use? It should be among the other themes (use Unity Tweak Tool on Ubuntu or Gnome Tweak Tool if you’re using Gnome 3 as your desktop environment).

      • Alfonso FernĂĄndez ArregocĂ©s

        I’m using elementary os

        • pappfer

          Is it not listed among the other themes in Elementary Tweaks?

          • Alfonso FernĂĄndez ArregocĂ©s

            Yes. It was there. Being a newbie doesn’t help. Thank you

  • Yasin GUZEL

    Hi ! How to use arc-dark theme on ubuntu 15.04

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  • Hsiming Liu

    Can somebody tell me which distro they use in the post example picture(also as the distro used in the official example picture)? Im using ubuntu 15.04. The appearance using arc theme on ubuntu(unity) is slightly different from the picture.

    • Anomalous

      distro doesn’t matter. but that picture is the theme arc applied on Gnome 3.16 and not unity. the difference is really not worth a change of DE but if you really should have it like the pic above you can just install on ubuntu and select your DE before logging in the next time.

  • Sayantan Chandra

    I have installed this theme successfully..the only problem is the windows button behaviour dint work properly…like the minimize button works as maximize and the maximize button works as minimize…otherwise everything is fine..I have tried to change the button layout from elementary tweaks and dconfeditor..but nothing works so far..pls help!!

  • I’m using the “Dark” version (Arc-Dark) on cinnamon with ubuntu, and so far it’s my favorite theme. The only problem is that certain dialog boxes (like “Save As” in Firefox) are white on white, which makes it unreadable. Same with some form controls. I wish there was a guide on editing the CSS to fix this.

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  • Anass Eljondy

    If you get the PGP signature error, just go to and download the 2 deb files of Ark and install it on your OS

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