Cinnamon 2.6 Pre-release is Already Available in Linux Mint & LMDE

Cinnamon 2.6 is the next major release of the Cinnamon desktop environment developed and maintained by the Linux Mint team. The new version is already available for testing in Romeo (unstable) repository of Linux Mint and LMDE, according their latest blog entry.

If you want to beta-test Cinnamon 2.6:

  • Launch Software Sources (mintsources) from your application menu
  • Tick the “Unstable packages (romeo)” checkbox
  • Click the “Update the cache” button
  • Use the Update Manager to upgrade the Cinnamon packages (don’t forget the cjs and muffin packages)

Linux Mint Software Sources

Please note that it’s not the final release and bugs will arise. I haven’t tried it yet, so I’m not aware of how stable it is and what the new features are. If you tried it, please write your opinion in the comments section below.