Cinnamon 2.6 Will Feature Improved Panel Support, Search Providers And More

The development of Cinnamon 2.6 has just started recently, still some nice new features are already implemented. Here’s a list of them.

Panel support for multiple monitors

Starting from Cinnamon 2.6 you’ll be able to add panels to every monitor and configure them each individually. There’s a new “Modify panel..” quick menu when you right click on a panel.
Cinnamon 2.6 Modify Panel

When you click on “Add panel” or “Move panel” you’ll get on-screen guidance to allow you to choose where to place the new panel. The panel settings plug has also been reworked to reflect lates panel changes.

This feature was a long requested one what will make many Cinnamon users happy.

Search providers

You will now have the ability to add search providers to Cinnamon:


Improved support for client-side-decorated windows

Linux Mint team has updated their support for the newer GTK3 client-side-decorated windows. Tiling and dragging now works as it should, and the traditional right-click window menu once more appears if you click on the header bar.

Popups and tiling popups are now rendered in Cinnamon

They have ported popups (notification popups when using media keys) and tiling popups (tiling overlays and previews) to be rendered entirely in Cinnamon. This will not only allow theme developers to make these popups look better int heir theme but also will allow more configuration options (for example changing size of popups) and will also make them function much more smoothly.

These are just some initial new features of Cinnamon 2.6, there may be even more to come. To find out more about the features mentioned above, check Linux Mint’s Segfault blog.