LinConnect – Mirror Android Notifications on Your Linux Desktop

If you have an Android device and you’d like to get notifications displayed on your Linux operating system (via LibNotify) then LinConnect is for you.

LinConnect is a simple, quick, and tiny notification mirroring application for Android and any Linux desktop. It works with almost all Android applications.

• Extremely simple setup
• Icons from notifications displayed on desktop
• Uses LibNotify and Python (more compatibility, less dependencies)



First you have to install the LinConnect server on your Linux desktop. You will need the following packages installed: python2, python-pip, python-gobject, libavahi-compat-libdnssd1, cherrypy (python package), pybonjour (python package).

If these are installed run this command in Terminal:

wget --quiet; \
chmod +x; \

Done. Now you need to have the client on your Android device.

Get it on Google Play