Ctrl+C Will Copy Text to Clipboard in elementary’s Terminal

One of the things I really like about elementary OS it their Pantheon Terminal. It has very nice coloring, the ability to use tabs, in Freya there are system notifications for finished Terminal tasks and so on. Now there’s a feature/change coming in Terminal. If there is some text selected and you press Ctrl+C it will copy the selected text to clipboard. If no text is selected the default behavior will be applied (end process signal will be sent).

Screenshot of a pre-beta version of elementary OS Freya.
Screenshot of a pre-beta version of elementary OS Freya.

At first I thought it’s an unnecessary change, as it’s already possible to select text by pressing Ctrl+Shift+C in Terminal but then I remembered having missed Ctrl+C (and Ctrl+V) functionality back when I first used Linux. Elementary developers are also aware that some people will not be happy with this change that’s why there will be a new gsettings key at org.pantheon.terminal.natural-copy-paste where one can disable this behavior.

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  • amblestondack

    Nice touch, but why did they remove Shift+Delete from Files? On the subject of deleting, there is a inconsistency in Files. If you right click on an item, you have Send to Trash, yet in Files it is the Rubbish Bin! Maybe I’ll file a bug 🙂

  • shank21101985

    This would be good !

  • markhu

    As a nod to Apple users, they should offer ALT-C as copy since the ALT key is in the Apple “Command” key position (aka the flower or freeway cloverleaf key.)

  • Jeňa Kočí

    Hi, one offtopic: what is this conky theme? My sister loves it 🙂

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    gsettings set org.pantheon.terminal.settings natural-copy-paste false