Chat Bubbles May Come To elementary OS as a Plank Extension

More than a year ago Daniel Foré posted a mockup of Chat Bubbles application(see below) inspired by Facebook. The elementary community got so excited to see that beautiful mockup but we didn’t hear anything about it since. Now another new mockups appeared and it’s even more then just some pictures. Sam Hewitt, member of elementary’s Design team said:

An earlier post regarding Chat Bubbles as an extension of Plank is now being discussed internally and here’s one of the mockups that’s a result of our exploration the idea. 🙂

elementary OS Chat BubbleAt the moment it seems like it’s going to be a Plank extension and not a separated app. According to the mockup the people/faces will be separated in order to distinct from applications. I have no idea when they plan to start develop it but I’m looking forward to something like this. That would make elementary OS even more appealing, for sure.

Other mockups

Another new mockup appeared recently which is kind of similar, but faces are not separated from Plank this time.

elementary OS Chat Bubbles

This is the original mockup posted by Daniel Foré back in October 2013:

elementary OS Chat Bubbles