Geary E-Mail App Version 0.8 Released With Inline Composer

Yorba’s Geary e-mail client is one of the most popular one for Linux desktops nowadays. It’s actually the default e-mail client in elementary OS. Ubuntu 14.04 has Geary 0.6.x version in the repository and so does in elementary OS and Linux Mint. A new version, 0.8 was released yesterday with some very nice additions. Here’s the list of new features and changes:

  • Redesigned mail composer (it runs inside of the main mail instead of popup window)
  • Signature support
  • Support for disabling draft saving to server
  • Uses GTKHeaderBar and modern widgets
  • Improved database speed
  • Improved IMAP connection stability
  • Bug fixes

Download & Install

Feel free to choose any of the download methods below. I suggest the 1st one as that is the easiest of all and you’ll get future updates automatically as well.


This is how the inline composer looks like in Geary 0.8.

Geary 0.8

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Source: OMG! Ubuntu!