Ozon OS “Hydrogen” Alpha Released

I bet many of you heared about Numix icon theme and Numix Project in general. They do a great job on making Linux look good. Recently they teamed up with Nitrux S.A. on making a new Linux based OS, named Ozon OS. Our source says it all:

Ozon OS Ozon OS “Hydrogen” alpha is based on Fedora 20 and it uses GNOME Shell and Gnome apps by default, customized with various extensions. The newly released alpha is aimed at developers and ships with only part of the Atom Shell: Atom Dock, Launcher and Panel, so it’s not really interesting for regular desktop users. However, the beta (and obviously, the final release) should include a lot more exiting stuff.

The final release is planned to be based on Fedora 21 and released about a month after Fedora 21. The roadmap can be checked here.


Ozon OS Alpha

Ozon OS Alpha


Remember, it’s just an alpha version so don’t run it in a production system. But if you’re interested in this promising OS, feel free to try it for example in a virtual machine and let us know how you like it. 🙂

Source: WebUpd8

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