Freya Theme for Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most popular browser today. Elementary OS ships with Midori which looks beautiful in Freya, but still most people change it to Chrome/Chromium or Firefox.

Now here comes the good news for Chrome/Chromium users, there’s a theme for their browser which looks much better in elementary OS than the original one. In fact, there are two versions, a Freya theme and a Freya theme with classic colors. The latter has more natural blue loading circle, among other small resets. In addition there’s also a scrollbar theme to make your browser look even more native.

Update: the classic colors theme has been merged into the main Freya theme.



Freya theme for Google Chrome

  • Anon


    • pappfer


  • Alexandre Medeiros

    Tanks !

  • Oscar Arbelaez

    What is the difference between this and simply checking the use gtk title bar in chrome options?

    • nighliber

      Notice the line below the tabs? It disappears to the right of the tabs when using the gtk title bar option and reappears on the far right for only a couple pixels. I agree, seems unnecessary, but this theme fixes that. That flaw was driving me crazy.

    • Check your reload icon. Not very elementary. Check the screenshots in the article. elementary.

  • It should be noted that the classic colors option has been merged into the main theme, and is no longer available.

    • pappfer

      Thank you for pointing out. I updated the article.