Elementary OS 0.3 Freya beta 1 released

Finally the day has come what many of us waited so long. But still, it’s just a beta, which is not recommended to use on a production system.

New features:

  • Improved Hardware Support and Updated Libraries
  • Online Accounts Integration
  • Slingshot Search Improvements
  • Client-Side Decorations
  • Updated Theme
  • Granite Changes

And many-many other changes, some of them we mentioned in an earlier post.

Check the announcement at elementary OS’s website.


Freya Beta 32bit | Torrent

Freya Beta 64bit | Torrent


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  • I think it’s better to say that you shouldn’t install it on a live system, maybe you could say a production system or a computer you rely on for work (or play :-)). It would be better for the developers that people try it out on real hardware, so they could find bugs which you may not be able to find when you use it only it virtualisation, right?
    Also the video you used is from someone who’s new to elementary OS so, he wouldn’t be able to tell what is new, what has been improved, what could be better. You have great insight into elementary OS, I think you could make great video yourself!

    • pappfer

      You made some really good points here. Thank you!

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  • siegfried gassen

    I try the elementary os and was not happy – because if a system cannot install an driver
    for a simple geforce gt 610 it is not grown up – its only a child. and by the way :
    a system can even look light and pretty too. even a linux system have to be goodlooking
    – or did you like oldfashioned systems??? many people may say it have to work good –
    yes – indeed – but why it have to look ugly??
    after this I have a look on sparky linux – it looks good – but it is too old fashioned
    in things like installing and other user-friendly ways oft the main distro`s.
    its real hard to find a linux like mint or ubuntu – which works good and even looks
    modern. and on the other hand I must say : modern look means not to look good –
    but it may be a problem of the designers – to look beautiful is a hard work.
    but it is not impossible.
    best regards