Plank-Themer – change the theme of your dock within seconds

Plank-Themer is – as the name suggests – a small program with which you can easily change the theme of your Plank dock. You can easily install it to any Ubuntu based distribution, for example Linux Mint or elementary OS. It creates an entry in your Plank dock and when clicking on it it shows the installed themes. See it in action below (screenshot and videos).


Run the following commands in your terminal. First run this to avoid dependencies problems:
sudo apt-get install -y xterm

Then run this to install Plank-Themer:
cd ~ && mkdir -p ~/.temp-plank-themer && cd ~/.temp-plank-themer && wget && unzip && cd plank-themer-master/ && rm -fR ~/.config/plank/dock1/theme_index; rm -fR ~/.config/plank/dock1/themes-repo; cp -a theme_index/ ~/.config/plank/dock1 && cp -a themes-repo/ ~/.config/plank/dock1 && cd ~ && rm -R ~/.temp-plank-themer && sh ~/.config/plank/dock1/theme_index/





More info about Plank-Themer in this website:

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