Minitube 2.2 released – here’s what’s new

Minitube is probably the most popular cross-platform Youtube application. It’s newest 2.2 version was released a week ago, before this blog was started.

Here’s the list of changes in version 2.2:

  • Subscriptions context menu: Unsubscribe, Mark as Watched
  • Added –stop-after-this command line switch
  • Added Stop After This Video Unity & Gnome 3 action
  • Fixed painting errors when scrolling playlist on Linux
  • Fixed bug with dragging playlist items from the thumbnail
  • Fixed some videos not playing
  • Updated translations

The developer, Flavio Tordini also revealed that the next version of Minitube will include porting it to Qt5 and replacing Phonon with libvlc.

You can download Minitue 2.2 deb package from Launchpad: