Elementary OS keyboard shortcuts

However there was an article back in 2012 at elementary OS’s website about keyboard shortcuts in Luna, I think many people are not aware of these. These shortcuts will also work on the next version of elementary OS, named Freya. I think these shortcuts are extremely useful, using them makes a lot of things quicker and they make your OS more efficient.

⌘+Space App Launcher
Alt+Tab Window Switcher
⇧+Alt+Tab Switch Windows Backwards
⌘+W Window Overview
⌘+A Window Overview (Across All Workspaces)
⌘+Left/Right Switch Workspace
⌘+S Workspace Overview
⌘+0 New Workspace
⇧+⌘+Left/Right Move Window with Workspace
Ctrl+⌘+Left/Right Snap Window to Half of Workspace
Ctrl+⌘+Up/Down Maximize/Unmaximize Window
⌘+L Lock Screen
⌘+Click+Drag Move Window
⌘+Secondary (Right) Click+Drag Resize Window
= Super (Windows or Command key), = Shift

Video about Super shortcuts in elementary OS

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  • Andrew M. Sheppard

    Great refresher! I’d forgotten about most of these after I stopped playing w/ Luna. Now I’ve switched to Freya as my primary OS but I don’t see any thing obvious that’d allow me to move open windows to/from my dual display setup (eg: laptop = primary, DVI monitor in docking station = secondary). It would be brilliant for window management list [META]+[RIGHT/LEFT].

    Any tips?

  • Gerrit Addiks

    What i really miss is the [Super] + [1…9] from unity/windows with that you can activate the n’th element in the dock. (Example: [Super] + [4] would activate the fourth entry in the dock, which would be the File-Manager for me.) This would make working with the desktop super efficient.

  • blankoworld

    Is there any shortcut to switch between 3 window like this: A then B, then C then A then B then C?
    So that we make in a specific order all these windows 🙂

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  • OhStopItYou!

    is there a way to alt – tab between windows on all workspaces?

  • ZoD No

    All the shortcuts available in ubuntu should be on ElementaryOS. It is a deal breaker for me now!

  • কালো বিড়াল

    CTR+ALT+T for opening Terminal is not working

    • pappfer

      It is now ⌘+T

    • boom

      windows key + T

  • Any idea about how to minimize all the windows so that I can see the desktop? its Super+D on lubuntu what is it for Elementary?

  • Jiří Novák

    How can i change shortcut ⌘+W into only ⌘ ? In setting it is impossible…