About LME Linux Blog

LME Linux is a blog about Linux operating systems, mainly about elementary OS and Linux Mint. That’s why the name is LME (Linux Mint / Elementary OS).

I’m a Linux enthusiast who’s reading news about Linux every day. My favourite blogs are OMG! Ubuntu! and Webupd8 which are both more about Ubuntu but sometimes they also cover news about Mint and elementary.

I couldn’t really find an up to date blog about my favourite systems so I thought I’ll create one. That’s why this blog was born.

I’m Hungarian so I don’t speak English native, I might have some grammar or spelling issues, please feel free to correct me.

I plan to update this blog regularly with new content and I also want to make interviews and occasionaly cover other distros (like Arch, which is also one of my favourites), post tutorials, etc.

If you like elementary OS or Linux Mint or just Linux in general then this is a place for you!

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