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America's Army 0

America’s Army is Coming Back to Linux

If you like to feel the atmosphere of older PC games then you’ll be pleased to know that the game called America’s Army is coming back to Linux. Among the Linux version it’s also...

Virtualbox 0

Virtualbox 5.0 Released

Frank Mehnert from Oracle announced the availability of VirtualBox 5.0. This release is a major one it has many new features. [ announcement | press release | Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.0 accouncement | download...

batman-arkham-knight 0

Batman: Arkham Knight Is Coming to Linux And OSX

The highly anticipated Batman: Arkham Knight is coming to Windows first on 23th July. The good news is that it will be also available to Linux, SteamOS and OS X-re from autumn.

Spotify Linux 0

Spotify Client 1.x Beta For Linux Released

Yesterday Spotify announced that the beta release of their 1.x client is publicly available. New features in the 1.x client which are specific to the Linux client: Remember all those various bugs with text/mouse input in...