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Evolve OS 0

Evolve OS Beta 1 Released

Evolve OS is a Linux distribution built from scratch, using a forked version of the PiSi package manager. It incorporates a new desktop environment known as Budgie, aimed at desktop users.

LibreOffice for Android 0

LibreOffice Viewer Beta is Available for Android

LibreOffice is the most well-known open-source office application. It’s cross-platform, available for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows operating systems and starting from today it’s also available for Android. The Android version uses the same...

elementary OS Freya Logo 720 4

GTK 3.14 is Coming to elementary OS Freya

Just a couple of minutes ago a new tweet on elementary OS’ Twitter page suggests that a bigger update is coming soon. The most notable change is going to be the inclusion of GTK...

MintBox Mini 0

Linux Mint Team Introduces MintBox Mini

The team behind Linux Mint announced MintBox Mini, a new pocket sized PC today. This is the smallest and most affordable MintBox to date built upon the fitlet platform. The specification is the following:...